How to Properly Make a 16-Gauge Shotgun Cartridge for a Side-by-Side Shotgun

Making your own shotgun cartridges is a rewarding hobby for gun enthusiasts. If you own a side-by-side shotgun chambered in 16-gauge, here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly make your own shotgun cartridges for your firing pleasure.

Step 1: Gather all necessary materials

Before starting your project, be sure to gather all necessary materials, including 16-gauge brass shells, primers, gunpowder, and shot.

Step 2: Prepare the brass shells

First, you’ll need to prepare the brass shells. Cut each shell to the proper length, which should be around 2 3/4 inches. The brass shell should be trimmed evenly on both sides.

Next, insert the primer into the bottom of the shell. Make sure it’s seated firmly and level with the bottom of the brass shell.

Step 3: Measure and add gunpowder

Carefully measure the appropriate amount of gunpowder (usually measured in grains) and pour it into the brass shell. Be sure to use a funnel to avoid spilling any powder.

Step 4: Add the shot

Now it’s time to add the shot to the brass shell. Pour in the appropriate amount of #6 or #7 1/2 shot. Be sure to use a shot dipper to avoid spilling any shot.

Step 5: Crimp the brass shell

Finally, use a crimping tool to crimp the top of the brass shell over the shot. The crimp should be firm and tight, but not so tight as to damage the shot. Be sure to use a crimping tool that is specifically designed for 16-gauge brass shells.

In conclusion, making your own shotgun cartridges can be a fun and rewarding hobby for gun enthusiasts. With a little bit of patience and attention to detail, you can create high-quality 16-gauge shotgun cartridges that will give you hours of firing pleasure. So gather your materials and get started today!